Since the beginning of our society, we humans have wanted to write stories that captivate the world. Writing is a therapeutic activity that allows you to express yourself freely and share your vision of the world.

However, starting to write a story from scratch can be a complex challenge. Before doing this you need to know certain formalities that will help you write in an organized way and get a better result.

Dramatic structure

Any story, from the shortest story to the movies we see in the cinema, is divided into three acts: presentation, development, and outcome. This is known as dramatic structure.

This division allows you to correctly transmit all the information you need so that your story has coherence. Be sure to research what characteristics each act within a story should have.

Choose a topic

Every story should have a theme that you want to convey. By this, we mean if your story is about themes such as love, revenge, justice, family, etc. You must convey your vision of the theme you choose through your story and your characters. It can be said that the theme of your story is what the readers learn after reading it.

Build your characters

No story is complete without the inclusion of one or more characters. Creating realistic characters is a task that requires time and dedication. Each character in a story should have an objective or goal that they want to accomplish and that motivates them to take action.

On the other hand, the goal of any story is to make the main character change at the end of it. This change can be radical or very small, but it must always exist.

Choose a literary genre

Do you want to write a horror story or an action story? An adventure or comedy story? Believe it or not, each of these literary genres has a structure that you should know. Depending on the genre you decide to write, there are a few conventions you should follow to make the story make sense and appeal to any audience.