The year 2020 has been quite stressful for all of us, keeping millions of people all over the world locked down inside their flats and houses. Now that things are getting better and the world has started to open up a bit, there are more possibilities for outdoor travelling than ever before. While things are a still quite stuffy in the cities, once you head out into the wild you can forget all about stress and anxiousness at least for a few days. So, why is hiking your new best hobby in 2021?

It will get you moving

Past year was stagnant and didn’t bring us much joy, but there were still ways to escape into the nature and enjoy the peace and calmness it offered. So, what about this year? A lot has changed, but one thing remains the same – we are still bombarded by information and it is hard to avoid that pressure when staying inside the city. This is where hiking comes in! Whether you go to the nearby park zone, a forest, or go further into the mountains, hiking will get you out of the unhealthy environment into the blissful natural surroundings.

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It’s healthy

Needless to say, walking is healthy for you – even more than running and doing some heavy sports. Hiking involves long walks and climbs, which will train both your mind and body, straining every muscle there is. And if you prefer walking with a backpack to spend the night somewhere in the wilderness, it will definitely make your hiking experience more adventurous, fun, and healthy on so many levels.

It improves your mood

Not only going out into the nature helps relieve stress by getting out of the busy city environment, but it also works wonders on the physical levels. All that exercising and breathing fresh air boosts your serotonin levels – and this neurotransmitter is known for improving a person’s mood. Your sleep will also become much better after a few days of walking and sleeping in the wilderness!

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It changes your rhythm

It’s healthy to change the rhythm of your life from time to time – it gives you a new perspective about what’s taking up space in your day-to-day life, revealing things that might be not too healthy for you. Without work, TV shows, social media, and people to talk to (apart from the ones you may take with you if you feel like it) there is only nature around you and the best companion there is – just yourself. You will find this experience very relaxing as all the anxiety will slowly leave your body through sweat while walking in the peaceful environment of beautiful nature.