Luckily, we live in a period when people made up really plenty of types of dances to choose from. If you feel that there are kind of pent-up emotions inside you that can burst out any minute, dancing can be a great tool to express them. Probably, you are thirsting for self-expression or a huge step forward to feel your body.

Dancing is a piece of art that anybody can master (the only thing you need is a desire and a cool teacher). If you feel that you are ready yet don’t know where to start, we have prepared a list of the most popular types of dances.

Modern Dance

Everybody knows popular and so classical ballet. So, modern dance was initially created to revolt against it. If we had to choose only one word to describe this type, it would be freedom. You have complete freedom of choosing what to wear, how to move, and how to express yourself. Yes, it’s all about self-expression! The purpose of modern dance is not following the arranged sed steps but rely on your gut feeling and the rhythm of the music.

Nowadays, modern dancers can include ballet movements into their dance without paying strict attention to turnouts and techniques.


Hip-hop dance was created in relation to hip-hop music and culture that was first introduced in the middle of the 1970s. It became extremely popular in the US, France, the UK, and South Korea. Featuring a raw and intense urban dance style, hip-hop doesn’t follow predefined choreography and is more kind of freestyle. It’s a perfect way of self-expression as you don’t have to follow some rules. It’s just you and bit.

A shot taken by the talented Amani Aouadhi (@Gothinfection) featuring Wael ‘Wide’ Ben Ali (@Wael.wide) for Breakreate.
Photo by Breakreate / Unsplash


Ballet dance was born in the times of the Italian Renaissance. In opposite to modern dance, it requires highly technical movements and is much more than tutus, pointe shoes, and men in tights (I know you thought about them). Ballet is the basis of a lot of forms of dance training. A regular ballet dancer has to wear ballet shoes till their feet have formed enough to start wearing pointe shoes (it happens at the age of 12 and only when the teacher allows to). This dance is about determination, discipline, and a huge desire to achieve your goal. It builds your personality and hardens it.


Contemporary dance combines modern, classical, and jazz movements to create something absolutely different. Being known for the focus on the torso and free legwork, it also features unpredictable changes in rhythm. Therefore, contemporary dancers require safe surfaces that are shock absorbing. By the way, this type of modern performance dance was born in the middle of the 20 century.

Photo by Chermiti Mohamed / Unsplash


Jazz can be called a dance without conventional boundaries. It takes its roots in the 17 century among African people. But it reached its apogee in early twentieth-century American jazz clubs. Jazz features dramatic body movements and combines all dance styles to create highly energetic moves.