It is believed that a plant-based diet does not allow eating as variedly as a diet containing animal products. But many vegetarians and vegans admit that this is a myth – after giving up meat and fish, they discover new products that make the home menu much richer and healthier. The variety of vegan recipes can be a pleasant surprise: not only something simple and familiar but also complex delights are prepared from plant ingredients. To make sure of this, we suggest checking out ten YouTube blogs, in which there are video instructions for vegan dishes, up to pompous New Year’s treats, and more.

Good Eatings

If hygge is not an empty phrase for you, then you will definitely like the channel of the Swedish blogger Molin. The girl tries to surround herself with comfort in everything, which cannot but affect the visual component of her blog. In her videos, she shows her walking to a local market in Malmö, transforming her home for the holidays with homemade decorations made from fruits and fir branches, and talks about her daily routine of yoga, photography, and more. But the lifestyle on Moline’s blog is rather a pleasant addition, the main emphasis is placed on the recipes – she often prepares vegan versions of traditional dishes, including Swedish ones (all this with jazz accompaniment). Here you can find goulash, bourguignon, cream soup with the addition of baked apples, and carrot pie, and even a sandwich cake – of course, only with herbal ingredients. Trying out all the recipes will not work quickly – over the almost five years of its existence, many videos have accumulated on the channel, and the blogger continues to release new ones several times a month.

Nina Montagne

Nina Montagne lives in sunny Australia and releases bright and warm videos. She focuses on simple recipes that literally everyone can repeat. Her arsenal of dishes includes stews with legumes, rolls of tortillas with vegetables and hummus, different types of pasta with sauces, hearty sandwiches, beautiful smoothies, and much, much more. It is felt that Nina monitors the diversity of her diet: it contains protein, carbohydrates, and fats, and therefore, according to her recipes, you can make a menu for yourself. Sometimes a blogger makes a lifestyle video: about mental health, sex, breakups, dating, books, and more.

Madeleine Olivia

British blogger Madeline Olivia has been running her YouTube channel for four years now, where she cooks vegan dishes and talks about minimalism and living on a plant-based diet. During this time, Madeline developed her blog into a business, within which she released an e-book with vegan recipes, her own merch, and also launched a written blog. Olivia’s popularity is understandable – she strives to cook simple and at the same time interesting food. For example, she has several vegan versions of the famous mac and cheese, various options for spicy noodles with vegetables and mushrooms, tortillas with a variety of fillings, as well as sandwiches, burgers, buns, cookies, and more. Besides, Madeline regularly updates the section of budget recipes.

Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama’s channel is full of various recipes for the so-called comfort food, or comfort food – dishes that are high in calories and bright flavors. That is, they are ideal for the cold season. Here you will find videos on how to make warming stews, grilled melted and stringy cheese, casseroles with beans, curries, buddha bowls, a wide variety of sweet potato dishes, pho-bo, and more. Rachel recently became a mother, and the channel also has videos about what the blogger ate during pregnancy and in the first months of a child’s life. We advise you not to make your diet based only on information in blogs, but always contact a specialist. But these channels give you food ideas when you know exactly what your food should be.


The Avantgardevegan channel is a prime example of how varied and sophisticated food can be prepared with only herbal ingredients. Its author Gas Oakley used to work as a chef, but after becoming a vegan about five years ago, he decided to change the direction of his career. The names of the dishes in his culinary portfolio scatter the eyes: pepperoni, a sandwich with meatballs, eggs benedict, corn stew in bread, caesar salad, profiteroles, caramel bars, crème brlée – and all this is exclusive with a vegetable composition. Gas does not always select the available ingredients, but if they manage to get them, we are sure that the journey through the complex vegan cuisine will be an exciting adventure.

Pick Up Limes

Its author, Sadia, posts the video quite actively – several times a month. Recipes on it are diluted with practical advice on time management and the formation of healthy habits, on caring for plants, following the principles of slow living and minimalism. Everything that Sadia says can be traced in her cooking – in leisurely videos she shows a process that she really enjoys. There are atypical vegan breakfasts on the channel (everything is not limited to toasts with avocado and oatmeal – there are bagels with tofu and bars with frozen yogurt), many examples of vegan snacks (baked chickpeas, homemade sweets, hummus, potato chips), as well as options main courses, desserts, appetizers for guests, simple lunch box lunches to take with you, and much more.