If you've turned watching movies into a hobby - then good for you because this year has prepared some pretty outstanding masterpieces in the film department. Well, at least we really hope they will end up being as good as their trailers!

When it comes to movies, fantasy and sci-fi ones really stand out from the rest because they help us forget about all the worries of our every day lives and transport us to magical realms filled with wonderful creatures and adventurous plots.

That's why I've prepared a list of the most anticipated fantasy movies of 2022. There are some promising films coming up!

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dubledore

The magical world created by Joan K. Rowling has captivated millions of kids, teens, and adults for more than a decade. Well, now we have even more of wizarding goodness coming up our way with another addition to the Fantastic Beasts movie series!

The Adam Project

From the creator of the Good Guy comes another portion of movie goodness and this time it's all about having fun while travelling through time and space and trying to save the future at the same time. It may not be fun for everyone, but it definitely is an adventurous pastime! Oh, and the movie has Ryan Reynolds playing the lead character, so expect lots of natural unhinged humour.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

It seems we haven't had enough sci-fi movies exploring the concept of a Multiverse outside of the comic book realm. This film is a real masterpiece, merging science fiction, comedy, action, and family drama all into one!

Avatar 2

More than a decade after the first Avatar movie came out, James Cameron is finally bringing us the sequel to the story about the Pandora planet and its blue-skinned inhabitants. But this time there's even more action as the Pandorians have to fight for their lives against a sudden attack on their home planet.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Out of all the MCU characters Doctor Strange seems to be the busiest one lately. Earlier I've said there are not enough movies exploring the Multiverse outside of the comics world, but this doesn't mean the Marvel Comics Universe films are any less fun to watch! This trailer to the new Doctor Strange movie offers a glimpse into the madness of what would happen if different parallel realities started to collide.