Want to test yourself and have a crazy adrenaline rush while checking your concentration level? Shooting a gun is definitely an exciting experience. You choose your target, load bullets into a clip, push it into the gun, carefully look and take a brief hold, aim and shoot. WOW! In the beginning, as a novice, you may miss the target but the next time the hole to the target will be a little closer. You fire the whole clip and listen to your heart, beating super fast. And then you load your gun again.

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Once you take up shooting a gun and make it your new hobby, the explosion of sensation is guaranteed. Firstly, your body may experience a kind of shock but then your dopamine and serotonin levels increase, and you feel excited. What other reactions can your body experience? In this article, we decided to do a little research to find out the effects of shooting sport.

Sometimes pulling a trigger may be an act of aggression. When you aim and then shoot, the load of emotions leaves the gun along with the bullet. Your braid quickly releases cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine, blood pressure skyrockets, heart races. It all leads the shooter to feel aggression, anxiety, a burst of energy, and even sometimes fear. So, when you feel overloaded with emotions that need to be burst out, shooting is an awesome way to give adrenaline a boost.

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You train your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as you need to be highly concentrated to hit the target. Plus, it’s a perfect mental workout. You need to make logical actions when calculating a shoot. Being able to adjust your arm according to the distance and type of gun is quite a difficult skill to develop. A dose of math and intuition are needed here as well.

Credits to https://www.pexels.com/uk-ua/

Shooting CAN be meditational. Even if it’s a gun that emits loud noises in the process, focusing on hitting the target might be highly meditational as each aspect of shooting demands effort and attention. Moreover, it boosts self-confidence and self-empowerment. As long as you feel in full control of the weapon, new levels of self-protection involve. Therefore, you feel way more confident and safe.

What’s essential is that the shooting itself needs training. Why? To control your emotions and “perform” this activity without odd aggression. The trainer will explain to you all the aspects of shooting sport and teach you how to definitely hit the target.