Skiing is a hobby, the amount of which literally depends on where you live. If you are located in some Mediterrane countries, skiing down the snowy mountain happens only when you take a vacation and go to this mountain. Therefore, it’s quite an expensive hobby to take up yet worth all money you’ll spend. But if you live in some Northern countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, or Iceland, you can practice skiing even every day.

Certainly, not only these countries can be proud of their ski resorts. America, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey, Iran also have perfect skiing places where you can enjoy and experience this extreme yet so fascinating sport.

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In the beginning, it’s challenging simply to stay still wearing both skis, I’m not even talking about skiing down the mountain. Yet with practice, you can master the needed skills to feel confident as if you were in your everyday shoes. Yes, you will fall sometimes, but it’s really funny. Turn your loss into a joke and move on! Yes, it can be dangerous, but I’m sure that if you stick to all rules and carefully listen to your instructor, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of breaking some bones.

The skiing itself is a perfect activity to stay fit and keep your muscles toned. Along with skateboarding, skiing is a great cardiovascular exercise that burns a lot of calories. The steeper the slope is, the more calories you burn as your body makes more effort to keep balance. If your weight is approximately 80 kg, in 30 minutes you can get rid of 266 calories. What’s more, you train your lower body muscles as you are always in a squat position, which focuses on the quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. Core muscles also work as keeping your body in an upright position engages them along with the abdominal muscles.

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One more cool benefits of taking up skiing as a hobby is the speed and feeling of complete freedom. When you get to the top of the mountains and observe the views that are impossible to see below, it’s breathtaking. The whole world is before your eyes and you feel like a king of the world. And when you pick up the speed skiing down the mountain, you understand that anything is possible. YOU can do anything! It’s definitely an incredible and stimulating feeling. Nature always makes us think about our life, instills confidence, and helps us live in the moment.