First, you need to understand what you mean by skiing: sports or just one of the types of winter fun. When it comes to sports, there are completely different rules on the slope, clothing, and preparation. The latter is undoubtedly needed, even if you just decided to get out on the weekend with friends on the slope. Our other article about skiing you can find here.

It will be easier to ride if you have been involved in any other sport before (it is especially good if there was a clear load on your legs). Due to the construction of ski boots, you are in a semi-squat all the time: while riding down a hill, standing, or waiting in line for the funicular, your legs do not rest.

Most likely, experienced instructors will tell you that a warm-up is necessary. In my experience, no special warm-up is necessary, because, by the time you walk with your skis and ski boots from the car or equipment pick-up point to the place where you put them on and the descent, you will definitely be stretching.

About fear and behavior on the slope

The first time is always very scary. For beginners, it is best to go through introductory training with an instructor or an experienced friend: without certain knowledge of the technique, even going down the slope will be difficult, let alone enjoy the ride.

You can’t just get on the skis, tuck the sticks under you and rush in a high-speed stance, as avid skiers under 60 like to do very much. up. There is not one person on the slope, and everyone skates differently: someone likes to play checkers, someone is afraid and does not yet control their speed – the latter has a risk, in the literal sense of the word, to stumble upon these exposed sticks.

Not to lift your poles is the first rule of unspoken skiing etiquette. The second is to generally try to keep these sticks with you, do not swing them left and right, and do not poke other vacationers into the skis and boards. The third rule, in fact, is as old as the world: do not ask for trouble. If you realize that you are still not confident enough on the slope, you do not need to go in the middle or get out on very difficult tracks, stopping because of fear every three seconds.

The most important thing is to be attentive and accurate, then no collisions will occur. There are excellent skiers who fly on the slope, it will not be difficult for them to go around someone. So you need to be on the alert all the time and follow the track, as the driver follows the road. At first, it is better to choose the least dangerous route for beginners, where there are few people, and try your hand there. More difficult ones will be in the teeth after at least a few long sessions.


Everything is simple here. If this is your first skiing experience, there is no point in buying very expensive skis and boots. The prices at the rental points are quite adequate, only in each one, they ask to leave a deposit of 20-30 thousand rubles or a passport (the rental conditions can always be read on the parks websites). But warm and high-quality ski pants and a jacket will definitely not be superfluous in the wardrobe: they can be worn both on the skating rink and on a winter outing to the country. Ski clothes need to be measured because the choice is huge: different materials, colors, styles, and gadgets like secret pockets.

Ski boots should be as comfortable as possible and should not pinch anywhere. There are skis for different types of riding (jumping and downhill, for example), there are skis for beginners and advanced athletes, there are wide and short, long and narrow – in general, the choice is huge, and when buying you need to consult at least with a consultant.

As for snow and weather conditions in general: it’s cool to ride when it’s not very cold (down to -5 ° C). There is no need to be afraid that the snow will melt: in all parks there are guns, periodically adding snow cover. It’s also very cool to ride late in the evening or at night: there are fewer people and the atmosphere is cool.