Painting is a fun and relaxing activity. You can paint whenever you want, but you cannot hope to become a professional painter right off the bat. You must spend your time with patience and work hard towards your goal slowly.

The first step of every decision you ever make is always the hardest. Are you inspired to start painting and have sat down with a blank sheet of paper, but cannot think of anything to paint? Do not worry, as you can get some ideas about what to draw from the list below.

A Coffee Mug

Truth coffee in Cape Town.
Photo by Barry Bierman / Unsplash

Painting from memory, imagination, or moving objects can be hard for beginners. Still, objects are the easiest to paint. It is even easier to paint your favorite coffee mug that you use every morning.


Drawing or painting starts with a few fruits on a table basket. If you paint fruits, you can familiarize yourself with different shapes, and fruits are the most common theme for all such activities.


Photo by Susan Wilkinson / Unsplash

Seashell is another accessible item you can paint. A collection of seashells on the beach is a simplistic but great painting you can try as a beginner painter.


Sunset is one of the easiest and best paintings you can do. It is a breathtaking scene, and you can also add a few things from your imagination to give it a creative touch.

Night Sky

Spent the whole night in absolute silence at lost lake in the Uinta mountains watching the milky way roll across the horizon. This was taken just after the sun had gone down and the sky was still slightly blue.
Photo by Jackson Hendry / Unsplash

Everyone likes the nighttime sky. The sky filled with stars that look like diamonds makes you want to lose yourself in it. A painting capturing such a scene will indeed look great.

Hope this list helps you pursue your painting hobby.