Are you exhausted from the scorching heat outside? Does the humidity make you feel irritated all the time? If that’s so, then you need to add something refreshing to your daily routine. You can have refreshing drinks daily. They would make you feel refreshed and give you the energy to survive through the heat and humidity outside. Moreover, fresh drinks are healthier than processed ones and have a ton of nutritional benefits that can cure a lot of your health and skin-related problems.

To you, does it make it or break it that these little show stoppers are sugar, alcohol, and carb free? Take a sip...these summery spritzers aren't flavour free!
Photo by Rirri / Unsplash

1. Watermelon Fresh Juice:


· 15-20 cut watermelon slices

· 1 lemon

· 2-3 strawberries


Put all the ingredients in a blender. Once completely blended, pour in a glass and enjoy your refreshing drink!

2. Mint Lemonade:


· 7up or Green Soda

· Mint leaves

· Sugar

· A pinch of salt

· Few strawberries


Combine sugar, salt, mint leaves, lemon juice, and strawberries in a bowl. Transfer the combined ingredients to a blender. Blend it completely. Fill half of your serving glass with 7up and the remaining with the combined puree. Put some ice cubes and enjoy the chilled drink.

3. Simple Watermelon Juice:

If you are out of ingredients and only have watermelon at home. Then this should be your go-to drink. This is as refreshing and nutritional as any expensive drink.


· Watermelon


All you need to do is put the watermelon chunks in a blender and blend it. if you don’t have enough of the fruit, then you can also add a bit of water just to fill up your glass. And you are good to go.

Do try these out!