Origami is a Japanese art that consists of folding paper following a pattern to get different shapes or figures. This is a very simple type of craft that children and adults can practice as a form of entertainment at home.

Believe it or not, making Origami offers you some very interesting benefits that you should know. In essence, this activity reminds us that sometimes we need to relax, put down our phones for a few minutes, and have fun.

Develop your coordination

To make an Origami it is necessary to have a good coordination between the brain and the body. Each movement of the hand must be performed with great care if you want to obtain the desired figure. So, with practice, you will be able to develop better coordination that will help you not to lose these faculties as time goes by.

Improve your concentration

Origami requires attention and mental effort to correctly fold the paper and achieve the desired shape. This is a very important skill that any adult should have to be successful. Making Origami helps you pay attention to detail and get the best results in whatever activity you do.


It's relaxing

Nowadays, the levels of anxiety and stress in our society are through the roof. In this sense, many people consider that Origami is a perfect activity to relax and forget your daily problems and distract your mind. Without a doubt, this art is ideal for fighting stress.

Improve your patience

No one can deny that we live in a world where we avoid any activity that involves prolonged effort. Patience is a virtue that we must constantly practice, and this is exactly what Origami is for. This activity is perfect for developing patience and applying this skill in other areas of your life.