Reading is one of the best activities you can do in your life. No matter how old you are, reading a good story helps you develop your knowledge, relax, and boost your creativity.

All of this is especially true when we read science fiction or fantasy books. The stories of these literary genres are unique and tend to teach us new values and principles that we can apply in real life.

Let me show you some of the reasons why you should start reading these books as a hobby. Let's get started!

You can visit incredible places

A fantasy or science fiction story can take place in space, in an imaginary world, or even on our planet. However, no matter where the characters in the story are, readers will always be able to relate to and learn from those characters. This is an effect that few literary genres can achieve.

Develop your imagination

When we read, our brain works to transform words into images that we can enjoy. Fantasy books lead us to imagine incredible worlds with characteristics that do not exist in our reality. All of this fuels our imagination and creativity in no time.

The stories are universal

Any story in a book, movie or series seeks to convey a message to its audience. In this case, science fiction and fantasy books tend to use very interesting metaphors to convey ideas to readers. Such metaphors do not have to follow the rules of our world, and for this reason they are easier to understand.

A good story always invites you to adventure

Most fantasy and science fiction stories push the main characters out of their comfort zone to begin their adventure. Although some stories are more tragic and others are more joyful, the result is the same: the characters grow and learn new life lessons. All of this leads readers to break away from monotony and live life without regrets.