Well, Pride month is in 6 months but you still can already start to try these amazing ideas and became a perfection. Or just to make your family and friends happy.


A trick that will forever secure you the title of the best home bartender: by mixing the ingredients in one shaker, you pour multi-colored shots from it with a light movement – magic, and nothing more. The secret is to carefully layer the ingredients (grenadine, ice, orange juice, vodka, and Blue Curacao liqueur), and then quickly and clearly pour the resulting into seven stacks standing in a row.


A spectacular dish for those who are ready to get a little confused and be patient: as usual with Tasty, the video creates the illusion of a quick and easy process – in fact, it is worth making dough for rainbow croissants a couple of days before you are going to serve them. It’s not that complicated, just leave the dough in the refrigerator twice overnight. But the result will clearly be a hit on your Instagram.

Crepe cake

Crepe cake tastes good, but usually looks pale – here’s a radical way to fix it. As with most of these recipes, you need food colors, but otherwise, everything is as usual: bake pancakes, make a cream, combine everything in the right order. For a wow effect, be sure to cover the cake with plain cream or whipped cream – then the rainbow will only show up when you cut it.

Unicorn toast

These very beautiful and simple toasts with cream cheese are also good because they do not need artificial food colors: the creator of this recipe uses spices and berries to give the cheese the desired color. The only downside is that finding all the ingredients you need can be tricky (you’ll need spirulina, beet juice, turmeric, and liquid chlorophyll).


A cute way to diversify the simplest dessert – meringue. You will need the usual minimum of ingredients and a dye of three colors. It is especially pleasant to make meringues from proteins left over from the preparation of other dishes – a waste-free production is obtained.

Baked vegetables

Perhaps the only truly healthy dish in this selection: it fits into the “rainbow diet” fashionable a couple of years ago, the main principle of which is to eat as many fruits and vegetables of different colors as possible. The scientific nature of this method raises questions, but you definitely won’t get any worse from baked vegetables – and if they are beautifully arranged in colors, this healthy dish may well replace a huge bowl of chips at a party.


The easiest and most beautiful recipe for rainbow cookies – Pride month is only in June, but colorful sweets can delight you all year (especially if you bought large jars of gel food coloring, which will be enough for more than one batch).

And please, don’t use homophobic insults, even if you don’t mean “nothing like that”. We need positivity for the whole year, not just July. Homophobic insults – like the two well-known f-words – are often used outside the context of homosexuality to refer to unpleasant people. Their use, however, only reinforces the idea that homosexuality can be used as an insult. This is especially fraught in the presence of homosexual people: the phrase “I’m sorry, I certainly don’t mean you, it’s just a word like that” is quite comparable to “I’m not homophobic, but …”. Even within the homosexual community, there is no consensus regarding the legality of this use of words.