To face the chill in the clothes you made on your own. Sounds good, doesn’t it? When knitting, you transform yards of yarn into some nice piece of garment. And you can wear it!

In this article, I’m going to tell you WHY knitting is a perfect hobby. Let’s begin with the fact that knitting is a popular craft that has been practiced by generations for a hundred years. When you knit, you continue this old-fashioned hobby while not letting it die, and it feels like a kinda great purpose.

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If you are a DIY person, you’ll take a lot of satisfaction in making real things with your hands. Of course, in the beginning, the only clothes you could do would be a scarf and a blanket (these are the easiest things to start with), but later you could go window shopping and realize, “That’s amazing! I could make this sweater!” It inspires the feeling of accomplishment as you can create a new thing rather than purchase it. Everybody can buy a new sweater, but not everyone is capable of knitting it.

This awesome feeling helps you feel more self-sufficient. Especially during such difficult times (the Coronavirus) when everybody wants to convince themselves that they can handle anything that comes on their way. Therefore, people often turn to pre-industrial era hobbies such as knitting, embroidering, or baking bread. In other words, to everything that is handmade. And it helps!

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Plus, knitting relieves stress and anxiety, keeps you mentally sharp, and reduces blood pressure. Of course, it is not in the beginning when you are trying to remember how to make stitches yet don’t let the needles slip out of your hands. Later, when you master this skill, the repetitive action of needlework could feel like meditation or yoga (but way cheaper). And don’t think that it’s difficult to pick up. Instead, knitting is simple. Not easy, but simple. When you ask your hands and brain to simultaneously perform new actions, it can be hard at first. But knitting, basically, requires you to learn only 2 fundamental stitches. Once you develop your muscle memory, you won’t even think of how to do it.

One more awesome benefit of knitting is practicing your motor skills. You do the same few motions over and over again, the needles are tiny, and the loop is small. To insert the tip of the needle into the loop requires great hand-eye coordination. When you just start this hobby, the stitches will feel clumsy and too tight. But later, knitting will feel smooth and neat.