Without curtains, any room décor is incomplete. Interior designers call windows an important element of any room, and window dressing is the most crucial step to creating a flow of furniture arrangement.

If you want to change your curtains, the high cost resists you from doing so. Don't worry, here is a perfect solution for this. Give your windows a great change within your limit by revising aged curtains and making them look stylish and fresh.

Check out these inventive ways to give your dingy, old, and ill-fitting curtains a great makeover.

Pompom Trim

Pompom trim is one of the funkiest looks that makes your room lively. If your old curtains are dull in color, it is recommended to go dramatic and choose a complementary color like red and green or blue and yellow.

Apply the Shibori Technique

Sunrise in the bedroom
Photo by Cecile Hournau / Unsplash

Are you bored with your neutral curtains? Make a daring splash of dye on them. Upgrading your curtains utilizing the Shibori dyeing technique is the finest option. It is a Japanese dyeing process in which you bunch a fabric and sock it in the color dye of your choice.

Swing a Mini Garden

Swinging potted flowers to bring boring curtains to life is the cheapest way to give old curtains a great treatment. But make sure to use strong curtain hardware that can hold the weight of your curtains as well as potted plants.

Use Rustic Curtain Rod

Looking for ideas to give your room a chic look, try rustic curtain rods instead of boring ones. These rustic metal rods give a vintage look to your room.

Add Acrylic Bread Tiebacks

Photo by Ann Ann / Unsplash

Add acrylic beads to make your plain curtains look attractive. If you love glam and glitter, get acrylic beads of various shapes in large sizes and string them in an elastic cord for quick application.