Since we have always seen actors and actresses on big screens, we don’t really imagine them doing something else. Well, it isn’t true because these stars also have lives other than just their acting careers. And you’ll be amazed to know about some of the weird yet fascinating hobbies of some of the most beloved celebs throughout the world.

Tom Hanks and the Love of Vintage Typewriters

Turns out a person who made us all fond of him is also fond of something – TYPEWRITERS! As weird as it may seem to many, Tom has revealed he has a collection of around 250 of them.

Antique Typewriter on Dark Wood
Photo by Patrick Fore / Unsplash

John Lennon and His Stamp Collection

Lennon has been into collecting stamps for a long time now. He also showcased his collection in different shows and museums over time. So, the next time you want to meet and impress John, you know how to do it!

Knitting Is Not Limited to Your Granny Anymore

You might have only seen your grandmother knitting since childhood. Well, there is someone else in this famous acting world that loves knitting too. And she is none other than everyone’s favorite, Julia Roberts!

Photo by rocknwool / Unsplash

Making Pottery Isn’t Something Mainstream Anymore

Pottery isn’t something that many people admire. However, as soon as you hear about Brad Pitt in this thing, you won’t be able to think of it as the same old old-school pottery. Brad and Leo have both been known for showing their interest in making pottery for a long time now.

Creating cups on a potter's wheel.
Photo by Earl Wilcox / Unsplash

Want to Make a Wild Guess About Angeline Jolie?

Angeline is a heart keeper (not literally, of course), but do you want to know what else she keeps? DAGGERS! Yes, she started collecting them in her childhood when her mother introduced them to her.

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