Even when you love your job, sometimes you still want to ditch it.
Winston Churchill

Ruthless Break With a Boring Adulthood


Continuous and daily tasks and routine that last and repeat for months, years and decades can make anyone craving for a change and distraction. Funny enough to follow how one is initially eager to get some education or a job of their dream then they try hard to achieve some outstanding results to finally find themselves burnt out and exhausted or even depressed in the end of their career. The more efforts one commits to earning one’s daily bread, spurs and repute or a fortune, the farther one appears from real life slipping away and fainting in the distance.

Once realizing the disastrous loss, many get appealed by hobby as a solution for this problem. People stick to different types of activities in order to restore the balance between the strain of their responsibilities and fun.

Why hobby? Why not just take a break from thinking about and performing their regular activities?



Hobby also takes time and resources. Moreover, it may get in the way of work or family, or relationships. Hobby may turn into obsession, impoverish, ruin, humiliate or even kill. One never imagines what expenses they are going to be involved taking on hobby. Growing from a nice and pleasant pastime to the size of the sun distorting the view of reality. Gloomy picture, yeah? Right. At bedtime.

What’s on the sunny side?

While in the daylight and having some free time ahead we open our eyes with the question what should I get up to. Relaxed and released from the harness of duties our soul, mind and body seek to express themselves in some enjoyable activities, trying something new. The body wants to change accustomed moves for different ones allowing additional blood flow to muscles. The mind wants to break thinking routine and find new ways of structuring the surrounding world, the soul just wants some time for itself free from liabilities and commitments to open new horizons and plunge into a different world with its different rules and relationships.

Hobby like a game is careless. It is a voluntary activity not involving big expectations. We anticipate everything upcoming related to some interesting hobby or pastime as an exciting adventure.

Cherry on the cake.


Thus, among the benefits of hobby top 10 are critical for taking it up.

  1. Hobby relieves stress
  1. Hobby encourages to take a brake and switch
  1. Hobby offers new challenges and experience
  1. Hobby explores talents
  1. Hobby helps enrich perspectives
  1. Hobby encourages to meet new people, see new places
  1. Hobby may bring additional income
  1. Hobby makes person more interesting
  1. Hobby brings sense of sheer joy and accomplishment
  1. Hobby promotes mindfulness and “here and now” concentration