When it comes to gifts, many are tormented not only by the question “what to give”, but also “what to buy”. Both of these pressing problems can be solved by opting for simple DIY souvenirs. If you love creating gifts on your own but have not yet visited Pinterest for inspiration, then Pinterest will come to you.

Felt pillows

Homemade pillows, of which there are many examples on YouTube, usually look like an acid explosion – and not everyone will like it. We suggest using the instructions for turning brightly colored felt into something soft solely as inspiration. Use what you learn to create something that tastes like the friend you are going to give it to. It is possible that he is not a fan of Totoro or anthropomorphic sushi, but it doesn’t matter: the principle of creation is still the same, and if you don’t know how to sew, a glue gun will always come to your aid.

Origami lamp

We are sure that among your friends there will be those who have just moved and are in dire need of simple interior decorations. Lamps and lampshades are perhaps one of the most popular DIY experiments. There are many options for DIY lamps, from small lamps on the table in pretty boring cans, to large pendant lamps, the creation of which does not do without a balloon. Simple lamps, inspired by origami and Japanese kusudama, are everywhere today and are not difficult to make yourself. The main thing is to understand the principle of constructing a scheme for such a lampshade, after which you can come up with your own, which will certainly come out no worse than in IKEA.

Christmas DIY
Photo by Micheile Henderson / Unsplash

Anything made of cement

Before you run away, scared of the word “cement”, take a look at the many minimalistic home accessories that design blogs abound. Cement is a popular material not only for home decoration, when they make a choice in favor of bare walls or concrete floors, but also interior trifles like vases or simply intricate figures. Polyhedrons made of special plastic cement that can be used as book holders are just one example. There is a lot of room for imagination here – just make sure that you can drag such a gift to the recipient.

Wallet, clutch, or tote

Faux leather is as versatile as felt. If desired, it is not even necessary to sew it, limiting ourselves to glue, as, for example, in the instructions for such a clutch. If you know how to sew at least on your hands, then as a simple gift you can make a wallet or a cosmetic bag. The tote bag in the example above will require even more dexterity. But the result will meet all expectations, and a simple but reliable shopping bag will be useful to anyone and will be an excellent gift.

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Mugs with print

The mug may be the most commonplace gift in the world, but it is invariably cheap. Using special paper, you can make a mug with a personal message yourself. This approach has obvious advantages: firstly, you can choose any beautiful mug, unlike the standard ones that offer printing services for prints, and secondly, you do not have to be afraid that someone outsider will see it in the same service. If there is no money, but you really want to give something cute, bring the idea of ​​a souvenir mug to the point of absurdity by printing something quite strange on it. Let the one to whom it is intended drink coffee from it at work and rejoices.


To make even a simple notebook yourself, you will have to be patient, especially for someone who has not done anything like this before. Explore different ways of self-binding – it’s best to stick to the one that causes the least doubts about its abilities. The key to success lies in following all instructions consistently and being accurate. If you take your time, then in a couple of days you will get real moleskin, much cheaper than what is in the store. If you wish, you can not stop there: the resulting album can be filled in advance with photographs or turned into a scrapbook if the recipient loves such romantic gifts.