Keep your back straight

Standing more is another option for conditioned activity. if during a six-hour working day a person did not sit, but stood, then he could lose ten kilograms in four years. And even if the numbers in terms of days are not too impressive, the method obviously works.

One of the main things we can do to reduce the risks of sedentary work is to get up as often as possible. And also, it is desirable to walk. So if you arm yourself with a book and, while reading, walk around the room, a winter evening can turn out, if not active, then certainly not passive.

Take a bath

Unbelievable, but true: on those days when you want to train, but you can’t, a bath with foam and aromatic oil, and possibly a visual accompaniment in the form of candles, can help. The main thing is to be as hot as possible. Because if we talk not about strength, but about the general strengthening component of physical exercises, then hot water works in a similar way.

An increase in body temperature stabilizes markers of inflammation, blood sugar, and insulin levels for two weeks. The same thing happens after training. And despite the fact that the authors of the study recorded an increase in only one important health marker out of the two studied, this method can and should be adopted.

Don’t forget about sex

Can you replace fitness with sex? Yes, but only when it comes to low to moderate exercise. About 4 kilocalories are spent per minute of sex, while light running burns twice as much. But sex, of course, can be both a healthy addition and a substitute for physical activity. And especially in winter, when – that’s lucky – you don’t want to get out of bed at all.

Recall that sex also improves sleep, reduces the effects of stress overload, and in general is a good aerobic exercise. And that’s not to mention the legendary post-sexual glow that can last up to 48 hours.


On average, even the best of us exercise 11 minutes less during the winter, which is a worry when trying to analyze. Because winter is the right answer. But such an answer, however, does not suit our brain, and the motivation becomes less and less.

Fortunately, there is an unexpected and very effective solution for maintaining your athletic mood – meditation. if you start a lesson with a ten-minute meditation, then its duration will be maintained, and anxiety about this will go away. The various benefits of meditation, from increased mindfulness to decreased sensitivity to pain, are a welcome bonus.

Don’t let yourself get bored

In the same way, as we experience boredom during routine activities, so our body “gets bored” when it is offered the same thing every day. it is the adaptation of the body to a particular type of exercise that becomes the reason why these exercises do not bring the desired result. And in winter this is more important than in summer, precisely because of the reduced motivation.

So a challenge in which you promise yourself to try as many destinations as possible is a great idea. No matter how many times a week you train (even one), let it be something new every week. A little fitness regimen optimization? Make sure that the “menu” includes both cardio and strength exercises. Because in combination, it seems to work best.