Walk more

The legendary benefits of walking are not fiction at all. walking for an hour or more can slow down the activity of genes associated with obesity by an impressive 50%. even a short walk can cut your sugar cravings in half at work. And this is without the standard bonuses, including a positive change in immune parameters in just thirty minutes and an improvement in the work of the cardiovascular system in just twenty minutes.

Afraid of freezing while walking? cold temperatures have many benefits, from improving sleep quality to increasing the rate of fat burning in the body. Of course, it’s not worth bringing the situation to the extreme – thermal underwear, good socks, and a windproof jacket will come in handy.

Use a fitness tracker

smartwatches and other technologies that you can carry with you (and on you) will be the main fitness trend of 2021. If you bought such a gadget on the previous wave of popularity, and now it is lying around somewhere, then winter is the time to look for it there.


You may have heard that fitness trackers and apps don’t work – and there really was such research. But the problem, scientists say, is not that technology is useless for health, but that we get bored. 30% of people stop using fitness trackers six months after purchase. Hence all these disappointing conclusions that the use of a tracker does not affect people’s health even if there is a financial incentive, and that people lose weight faster without trackers than with them.

How, then, do you use your gadgets to keep your winter activity level? Apps with “support networks” – having a group of like-minded people who can follow your progress – work even with very low motivation to practice. And download applications that have this feature.


Can’t bring yourself to go to the gym? Then download some apps – it’s much easier to decide on this. Meanwhile, studies show that dancing is a worthy alternative to fitness, both in terms of slowing down the aging process and in terms of improving overall physical and mental performance. When choosing a dance style, however, keep in mind that Zumba has recently become one of the most traumatic styles.

Don’t forget to rest

You probably know that to get impressive results from fitness activities, you need to constantly increase the load. This, however, does not mean that you have to train 24/7. Moreover, it is just not necessary to do this – but the rest is absolutely necessary.

High-intensity exercise triggers an inflammatory response that helps your muscles (and everything else) recover. But if you don’t have enough recovery time, this inflammatory response can work against you, making your body more susceptible to infections. And in the flu season, which lasts until March, this moment cannot be ignored. We recommend not to worry about the missed days, the constant concern about skipping workouts can be harmful in itself.

Do the cleaning

It may seem like cleaning is not a very active activity, but the results of several studies suggest that washing, cooking, and ironing can be an alternative to fitness. In any case, when it comes to the effect of physical activity on heart health.


However, do not get carried away – an overly active household, on the contrary, has a negative effect on health, including all the same cardiovascular system and lung function. That is, here, as in sports, moderation and the ability to stop in time are important.