Searching and collecting items you like and feeling great happiness as you see your collection grow bigger is the best thing ever. Everyone in their life has at least tried one time to have a collection of their own.

If you are new to this world and have just started collecting rocks, the first thing you need to learn is to organize them. As you go to different places and collect rocks, your collection will grow more significant, and managing them will be a hassle. Therefore, it is better to start organizing early.

Here are a few ways you can organize your rock collection.

By Type

Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella / Unsplash

Basically, there are three types of rocks. These types are sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. You can place the stones in your collection according to their kind. If your rock collection is extensive or you want more sections for your rock, you add sub-types of the three basic ones. This way, you can divide a group even further.

By Place

You go to a place with your family, like a rock, and bring it home. You go to another site but with your friends. There you like another one, and you get it home too.

If you want to organize your rocks, you can try it by classifying them according to the location you found them. This way, you can remember how you found them every time you see them.

By Size

Photo by Sarah Brown / Unsplash

Classifying a rock by its size is pretty standard among rock collectors. It does not require any hard work or research. You need to make a section of a specific length or width and place the rocks which fit the criteria.