The right start

Let’s start with the basics. Everyone knows that the body needs to be prepared for intense exercise, but many do not see the difference between warming up and stretching. Before training, it is the first one that is required, which includes basic exercises such as hand swings, jumps, push-ups, and squats for at least five minutes. Unheated muscles cannot be stretched, but after training, it will be useful to stretch – a “hitch” is based on stretching elements.

Pre-workout chocolate

Chocolate is generally a good friend of an athlete (bitter, of course), we will talk about this later. Epicatechin, found in dark chocolate, delays the onset of fatigue – at the metabolic level. To say less, a couple of bites before training helps you train a little longer.

Non-alcoholic beer after an exercise

If you like to skip a glass of beer from time to time and do not ignore your workout, we happily shake hands and want to share the good news: non-alcoholic wheat beer is good for athletes. The study that confirmed this was conducted over three weeks on 277 marathon participants, half of whom drank 1.5 liters of beer a day. It turned out that the polyphenols contained in it in large quantities reduce the likelihood of inflammatory processes, which the body is exposed to after such a serious test as a marathon – the likelihood of getting sick, for example, with a cold, is reduced by a third.

Chocolate milk

Another proof that dark chocolate is the head of everything, was taken at the University of Connecticut. To do this, four runners drank 450 ml each of low-fat sweet chocolate milk after 45-minute brisk runs, and the other four drank carbohydrate sports drinks. Post-workout biopsies have shown that the former tend to recover faster and have more glycogen storage, which also contributes to better post-exercise well-being.

Enhanced performance

You can spend time in the hall with a double (ok, more) benefit if you follow two non-obvious tips. Firstly, you need to perform exercises that affect several muscle groups (lunges, barbell, plank, for example), and not just one – you will soon get in shape, and not just pump up your biceps. Second, the body has to tense up to maintain balance, so if you keep the weight on one shoulder during the lunge, or push only one dumbbell off the shoulder, it will work harder.

Sports drinks

Sweetened sports drinks like Gatorade don’t even need to be swallowed to work. It works like this: while sugar is in the mouth, the areas of the brain associated with the sensation of pleasure have already been activated. Therefore, those who want to increase their endurance should drink sports drinks during training (not earlier than half an hour after the start) – unfortunately, the lack of electrolytes cannot be replenished with one rinse.

More weights

Strength exercises will not make a “normal” person a bodybuilder if he does not make additional, health-damaging efforts. Don’t be afraid to add more weights to a barbell or machine – a properly calculated load will strengthen your bones. To do this, in each approach you need to lift from 60 to 70% of the load that you can withstand – if it is easier, then choose a weight with which you can repeat the exercise 8 to 12 times.