Coming from a mobile and social media addict herself; IT'S NO PIECE OF CAKE! Yeah, you heard it. It's hard to give up a habit that has been stuck with you for so long. But well, truth be told, it isn't impossible either. If you want to get rid of technology and live in reality, too, here are some simple tips that can really help.

Turn of Your Social Media Notifications

For starters, it can be a really good thing. Do you realize that just when you put your phone aside, there comes a message or a simple notification saying 'Someone liked your photo'? And this takes up half an hour without even you noticing. So, the best thing to do when you want to connect with the real world is to turn off your notifications. In case there's something important, tell them to call or contact you in a different way where you don't have to keep checking your phone.

Facebook page of an entrepreneur's social media on desktop and mobile.
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

Start Keeping It Away

Are you the one who takes the phone with you wherever you go? Whether it's the bathroom or dinnertime, your phone's with you? Well, maybe it's time to change that. Try keeping it away from you as much as possible. Keep it far when you go to sleep, leave it at home when you go out for a walk, and so on.

Add More Physical Activity into Your Life

Wondering what this has to do with your mobile addiction? Let me share a fact with you; using mobile releases chemicals in our brains that make us feel good. And when we do try to get away from it, it makes us feel bored and empty. However, the same chemicals come from working out and exercising. So, if you can try doing that, maybe you won't feel that emptiness so often.

Photo by Patrick Malleret / Unsplash

Indeed, this all won't be easy in the beginning. However, once you start, you'll get used to staying away from your phone and believe me, life's a lot better that way!