Easter is a holiday celebrated by Christians around the world to celebrate the belief in the resurrection of Jesus. However, for the rest of the religions, Easter is about bunnies, scavenger hunts, and decorated chocolate eggs.

Whether you have a community event, are organizing your own Easter party, or have to make easter giveaways you should know how to decorate easter eggs. It is also a fun activity to do with your kids to keep them busy.

The first step to decorating Easter eggs is to hollow out eggs either by making an incision on one side of the egg. Use a needle to poke a hole and drain out the yolk. Don’t waste the yolk, you can use it in cooking and baking. You can also buy hollowed-out eggs from the store if you don’t want to go through this process. Clean the egg and start with the fun part which is painting!

Photo by suju-foto/pixabay.com

Before you start painting make sure you set a newspaper or cloth over the surface to avoid paint spills and accidents. The best paint to use on eggs is acrylic paint as it sticks to eggs well. Use a sponge to paint the whole egg quickly if you want a colored base. Since eggs are tiny, use thin fine pointed paint brushes to create designs.

There are many ideas and designs for painting Easter eggs all over the internet. You can also search Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. After painting the eggs, wait about 20 minutes for the paint to dry. Then you can pack the eggs into baskets and other packaging for use on Easter.