Instagram is not just a place to put up pictures but it has become a source of earning for a lot of content creators and influencers. It’s something that you can make money off, from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

Choose a relevant username

The first obvious step is to create an Instagram account. Identify your targeted audience and niche and create a username that is relatable to them. For example, if you want to post about makeup your username should not be something like @foodie101.

Write an interesting bio

Make sure your bio describes you and your interests well. The first thing people see when they open an Instagram profile is the bio. You should also add your email so brands can reach out for paid promotions and collaborations.

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Caption posts wisely and use hashtags

Whenever you post on Instagram choose catchy captions to go with your pictures and always use appropriate hashtags! This increases visibility and when people search for a specific hashtag your post will appear.

Post regularly

Be consistent! This is very important because if there are long breaks between posts people are likely to unfollow. Use an Instagram post scheduler like Hootsuite to schedule posts. This enables one to pre-write many posts and post them at regular intervals to keep followers interested.

Make your Instagram look aesthetic

There are quite a few apps that can help you plan your Instagram grid and design it well. You can go for color coordination or a specific theme. Use Canva and other photo editing tools to make your Instagram look good.