While designing the interior of your house less attention is paid to the correct lighting and more towards sourcing furniture and decorations. Using the right lights can change the whole ambiance of a place. It can make a room look smaller or larger, vibrant or dull.

Entering a well-lit room changes the mood of a person. It can make one feel happy, reduce depression or increase concentration. Even little details like the colour of your light bulbs can make a massive difference which is why lighting should never be ignored.

Photo by Pexels/Pixabay

Whether you are coordinating with an interior designer or designing your house yourself, there are different types of lighting that you can incorporate into your house to change the ambiance.

Choosing the correct lighting colour is imperative. There are 3 main lighting shades, warm white, natural white and cool white. Warm white lighting that actually looks yellow makes a space look intimate, comfortable and calm. Natural white lighting gives a bright, friendly and vibrant effect. Cool white lighting which is mostly used in ceiling bulbs and in bathrooms makes a space look clean, alert and invigorating.

You can even vary the lighting colours from space to space. For example a kitchen can have cool white lighting to give an illusion of daylight even at night and a lounge can have warm white lighting to make it look cozy and inviting.

The correct spaces and places to place lighting can really make a difference in interiors. Lighting should be distributed in a way to make a room seem brighter but not harsh. There should be lights placed at different levels. This can be achieved by choosing a combination of tall floor lamps, short lanterns on the floor, table lamps and hanging ceiling lamps. To make a space seem more magical and festive, fairy lights can be used.

The importance of lighting in the interior of a house or space is not negligible and should be given more importance.