Most people adopt hobbies to enjoy their free time, reduce the stress of daily work, and break the monotony of life. But most such people usually get fed up with doing the same stuff over and over. These pursuits do boost the dopamine in the brain, but for a short span. And when you do the same things frequently, the feeling of joy fades over time. So, it's totally normal if you lose interest in something over time or if you can't stay focused on something consistently.

1. Start Small

You don’t need to set big goals to feel good about yourself. For example, if you are trying to give an hour to something, make it 15 minutes or less. It’ll keep you interested while giving you a sense of achievement and boosting the brain. Plus, it will make you feel like you are progressing, thus secreting more dopamine and good vibes. Also, it’ll be easier to make up your mind for a fifteen-minute activity rather than an hour.

2. Give Yourself a Candy Every Time You Achieve Something

Sometimes, a hobby itself is not enough to give you a sense of achievement or satisfaction. In that case, you ought to adopt a lifestyle in which you can accomplish something and then reward yourself for it. For example, if you relish writing, decide to write an explicit range of words by the end of the month or week. If you succeed in writing a word count, celebrate it by doing something special for yourself, just like giving candy to a kid upon doing something good.

3. Professionals Know Best
If you continue sensing demotivation, there can be something underlying that might be a motive for concern. In that case, an expert can help you navigate through these problems. There are people who can tell you which hobby you will enjoy or what can be your go-to thing, just by looking at you. So, don't hesitate, and contact someone right away!

4. Consider Monetizing Your Hobby

It may seem weird, but what better motivation can you get other than getting cash over something productive and joyful? Earning from a hobby can inspire anyone to continue, stay consistent, and do well in the journey of life.

5. A Few Days Consistency – Lifelong Satisfaction

Your self-management skills can be useful here. In the beginning, a hobby makes you feel better, but the best manner to stay connected to it is to increase discipline. Scheduling everything and making something a part of your routine will not only help you stay consistent but will also make you feel good about doing something productive and useful for a long time.

Your interests might change with time, but there's no need to worry. It is totally natural and happens to every other person on the planet. Just keep exploring new stuff, keep learning, keep acing!