Games provide people with a lot of entertainment to replenish their energy to do their daily life work. Without joy, your life will be dull, and you will be uninterested in everything. So, they are an essential part of our life.

There are millions of games on the internet which you can play. They are not only for entertainment. You can use them for training your mind as well. Here are some top ones you can play to sharpen your mind and be creative.


Photo by Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash

Everyone in the world has heard about Minecraft at least once. Minecraft was released in 2011 and has been on fire since then. It is a sandbox game that you can play as a single-player or multi-player. The incredible thing about the game is its freedom. The users can do absolutely anything in the game using their creative minds.


Lumosity is not a game. Instead, it’s a website consisting of various games. As it has many different games, you will not get bored quickly. Lumosity even provides you with the option to set your workout routine. The best part is comparing your results against other age groups.


Fortnite game loading on a gaming setup.
Photo by Vlad Gorshkov / Unsplash

Fortnite is a survival game that combines action and creativity in one phase. It is a multi-player game where the players can go against each other. They can think of their strategy, build buildings, towers, and much more to assist them in their survival. Fortnite also has a sandbox mode where the players have their private island. They can build things on it as they desire and even invite friends to visit their island.