Are you tired of looking for fun and creative ideas for children to keep them busy after school? Keeping your little ones engaged all the time is a hard task to fulfill. Don’t worry as I’ve got you covered.

Photo by Steven Libralon / Unsplash

You’ll love these fun art and DIY ideas!

Balloon Lamps:

If you want to save on some money and keep your kid engaged? Then you’ll fall in love with these artistic balloon lamps. Your kids can make customize them according to their likes and dislikes. This will make it unique and will represent each child’s unique personality by their choices.

What will you need?

· Ample newspapers

· A balloon

· Pin

· Fairy lights

· White/German glue

· Poster paints

How to make it?

Blow up a balloon according to your preferred size. Then place it in a bowl. Cover half of the balloon with glue. Paste the newspaper cutouts on the entire balloon. It might take 3-4 layers to cover completely. Leave it to dry overnight. Then paint the pasted newspapers, put stickers or anything you want. Once the paint is all dried up. Pop the balloon with the pin. Just place the fairy lights underneath it and your customized lamp is ready.

Stick Frames:

Your children are going to be obsessed with these ice-cream stick frames. They can put any picture of their choice in it, plus can make as much as they want. This is because the sticks are cheaper than you think. Moreover, no danger of breaking as well.

What will you need?

Ice-cream sticks



Any decorative items of choice

A thread or wool string

How to make it?

Glue up the ice cream sticks in a rectangle in the shape of a frame. Paste another layer over. Let it dry for some hours. Glue the string at the back of the frame, so that it can hang if needed. Once dried, paint it, write your name with stickers or paint. And your funky frame is ready to add more fun to your room.