For those of you, who in childhood did not play in the yard with boys: football is a team game on a grass field, where the players need to score (with all parts of the body, except hands) as many balls as possible into the opponent’s goal and protect their own. Football develops reaction, coordination, agility, endurance. Training a beginner is not only a serious physical activity but also work with a team, so for full-fledged training, you will have to overcome shyness. Football is a great opportunity to develop communication skills, as the game is impossible without interaction and cohesion. The head will also need to be turned on: the game involves constant analysis of the actions of opponents and allies, as well as their capabilities. You always need to think about where you are throwing the ball, at what angle, how to hit, how to reduce the angle of fire. You interact with other players, you follow everything at once and constant calculations are made in your mind. I would like people to move away from the idea of ​​football as “men running after a ball”, senseless tribune battles, and see all the painstaking work that is being done on the field.

The training session lasts no more than two hours, usually one and a half hours. It begins with a necessary and well-known warm-up that prepares the body for intense work. This is followed by a short introduction where the players perform basic warm-up exercises with the ball. After that – the maximum load and the main part of the training: working on the schemes, playing “free kicks” and “corners” or practicing the technique of ball possession, dribbles, and shots on goal for beginners. In the first lessons, the coach evaluates your skills, so you need to forget about ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t know how’ and do as it turns out. We should expect great physical exertion and insane fatigue because even beginners are not given indulgences and will be required as much as from the rest.

Since playing soccer involves a lot of running, the first thing to tone is the muscles in your legs, but the rest will soon be toned. Football training is a cardio exercise, so each lesson will help burn fat, strengthen, not grow muscles, which together will lead to overall weight loss. From aerobic loads when running, excess water leaves, the abs, and muscles of the lower extremities are tightened. Body tone is provided with exercise and normal nutrition. The footballers have very beautiful legs because the first thing from class to class will strengthen them. Well, the gluteal region takes on the look that everyone is chasing nowadays.

Food should be high in calories, but not fatty. It is necessary to observe a break between meals and classes from two to four hours. Every person can choose for himself what he wants from the sport. If this is a weight loss, it is necessary to reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates, increase the intake of proteins. If you just want to keep yourself in shape, you need to adhere to a healthy diet, that is, a balance of these very fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. There are many articles on healthy eating on the net, and everyone can compose a program for themselves or with the help of a specialist. Drinking plenty of water is essential. A large percentage of moisture is lost during perspiration (especially if the workout takes place in the heat) and needs to be restored. But you can’t drink large quantities of water during the games. Usually, they take a small sip or just moisten their mouth, otherwise, the load in combination with water can become bad for both the stomach and the heart. Therefore, if the street is not +30, then the drink must be left until the end of the match.

To play soccer, you need a jersey, shorts, and boots. For the competition, you will also need gaiters and shin guards. Any jersey and shorts will do, but it’s better not to rush to buy boots – first, you need to find out on which surface the classes are held, and then – try on many pairs of football shoes and choose one suitable one among the abundance of brands and models. The goalkeeper still needs to purchase gloves, pants, and a jacket that protects against damage from falls.