If you can’t sit still and are always looking for adventures, popular hobbies like dancing or knitting aren’t for you. You are the person who needs something extraordinary, something not for the faint of heart. The world is full of opportunities to live the life you will remember with excitement. There were a lot of devil-may-care and foolhardy people before you, who desired to live life to the fullest measure and made up really crazy hobbies which you can enjoy now.

I have decided to do a little research and found hobbies that can shake up your routine and add some bright emotions to your daily life.


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Zorbing is a seriously awesome sport that needs to roll down a hill inside a special plastic orb that is transparent, by the way (everybody will see your shocked and amazed face). These inflatable balls are called Zorbs and can have harnesses or straps to hold you in a position. Others don’t have them which allows you to freely walk inside and be tossed around the ball by the motion. If it sounds funny to you, you are definitely right! This sport provides breathtaking landscapes you can enjoy while rolling down. Plus, it’s a competing sport, where you can join a team. The team that goes down first wins.

Cliff Camping

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Oh my God! This is the only emotion that can describe this adventurous and in some way hot-headed kind of hobby. Can you imagine lying in a tent located basically in the air? If you love the height and crazy outdoor activities, you have to try it! The thing is that you overnight in a small portable tent, suspended above the sea or hundreds of feet off the ground. The only things that keep you are a rock hook and straps. It’s highly recommended to wear your harness even when you sleep and sit or lie in your tent as comfortably as possible. You’ll definitely have a rush of adrenaline after spending a night in such an extraordinary place.

Extreme Ironing

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Sounds funny, but it really exists! You can combine the calming process of ironing your shirt with extreme and dangerous outdoor activities. This sport was born in England and now there is even a championship where you can compete. You can do anything: jump off the parachute, ride a bike, paddle down the river, etc. The main rule is to perfectly iron your clothes while facing various challenges.