Who doesn’t love walking into a bedroom which defines your vibe? A place where you feel the comfiest and is your true self. A boring white bedroom emits boring and lazy vibes. It doesn’t relax you and makes you even duller. Are you too busy to invest your time in decorating your bedroom? If yes, then don’t worry as I’ve got the quickest and easiest ideas to give your room a touch of your personality in no time.

Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

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Polaroids Attached to Fairy Lights:

If the wall above your bed is too empty and you have no idea, how to make it look fuller? Then this should be your go-to DIY craft.

What do you need?

· Fairy lights (color of your choice)

· A bunch of your favorite Polaroid images

· Wooden Pegs

· Scotch tape

How to make it?

· Firstly, tape both sides of the fairy lights onto the wall.

· Secondly, attach the Polaroid images with space onto the fairy lights with the help of wooden pegs.

· Turn on the lights and your DIY craft is all done.

DIY Canvas Art:

If you an art fan and love to create new craft stuff. Then try this hack out.

What do you need?

· Canvas frames

· Acrylic paints

· Paintbrushes

· Duct tape

How to do it?

· Take a canvas and use duct tape to make abstract art.

· Paint the left-out spaces with your favorite colors.

· Leave it to dry for some time.

· Remove the tape, and hang this amazing piece of art anywhere in your room.

· You can also try different designs on more canvas frames, and hang all of them in one place to give an aesthetic vibe to the room.