Training can be defined as follows: constantly varying functional movements performed with high intensity. In fact, this means that at each lesson it will be possible to imagine yourself as an infantryman, firefighter, or policeman – they train according to the same program (or rather, its absence). It is the nonlinearity of the lesson that is the key characteristic of this type of fitness, from it follows the ability to work out all muscle groups without dying of boredom (in classes in the gym, some do not see meditativeness, but precisely it). By the way, it is our third part of the series “for beginners”.

The beauty of CrossFit for a beginner is the so-called arrival, or, more seriously, neurohormonal response – a state when hormones begin to play in the body in response to a threshold load. It can be achieved both on shaping and pilates, on your own in the yard, or even jumping next to the workplace. But the overwhelming majority of people find it difficult to reach the “arrival” even under the supervision of a coach. And on CrossFit, you give all your best in a group, somewhere a timer is ticking, and you really want your result to be at least not the last. Therefore, the same response happens in almost every workout. It is difficult to describe this condition, but it is precisely what makes such training effective. Trainers and newly-made friends were glad that during training you completely disconnect from work tasks and forget about routine.

The workout itself, like any average one, lasts an hour and a half. It necessarily includes a warm-up and a cool-down (we will not tire of repeating them, because damaged muscles and joints and stiff limbs are not included in the training program). Between them are combinations of exercises; their constituent movements can be divided into several groups. Some include external objects (there are a million shells: weights, balls, a barbell, even a tree trunk if it’s outdoors), others are performed with their own body weight: all kinds of push-ups and squats, pull-ups, body lifts. Cardio exercises are also included in the main part of the lesson – this is running, rowing, swimming, jumping (rope and ordinary). Now the coolest thing: all these movements are combined with each other (two, three, four, or five) – the training scenario is limited only by the coach’s imagination. CrossFit involves the whole body, since most movements are multi-part, and not like those practiced on a machine (for example, biceps curls). The whole body is trained, and if you need to “finish off” something specific, you can do it individually after the group training.

Question number one among newbies: will I lose weight? Question number two: will I swing? Honestly, I had an idea: I’ll start doing CrossFit, finally lose a couple of kilograms, become a beauty queen and there’s no way out of men. This is the sort of thing I often hear from rookie girls in one iteration or another. I would not like to say that people do not lose weight from CrossFit, because this will extinguish the fire in some eyes, but: they do not lose weight from CrossFit. Losing weight depends on 95% of the diet, and although everyone has heard this, it seems that no one takes it seriously. The body begins to change after a month of regular training. After two, muscle mass increases (do not be afraid of it) and body fat decreases, the body becomes “high quality”. But it is very important to monitor nutrition and exercise regularly, then a visible result will certainly follow.

It is really simple with nutrition: you need to limit (ideally – remove) simple carbohydrates and sugars, lean on proteins and vegetables; yes – no later than an hour and a half before training. Your diet should be awesome whether you’re exercising or not. And without sports, eating fast food and drinking sweet soda is bad, chocolates and rolls – too. It is interesting that you physically begin to feel every bun in your body when you finish this or that exercise, and this suggests that it might really be time to change something in your diet.

There are no special requirements for clothing, although there are entire lines for cross-fitters. A sports one that is comfortable for you is quite suitable. The main thing is shoes: in weightlifting, stability and at the same time lightness are important, so that after the barbell you can jump onto the box without changing your shoes.