Board games have been in the business for a very long time. In older times, people used to sit together and play board games. They used to call it spending quality time with their loved ones. But nowadays, people barely get time to even sit next to each other in peace for 10 minutes. So board games are a big hit, to make yourselves relax and enjoy the time qualitatively.

Photo by Ezequiel Garrido / Unsplash

Which games to play when friends are around or with your kids?


Uno is an age-friendly game consisting of a deck of cards. The cards are of different colors which makes it a wholesome experience of playing. Plus, it’s cheap and portable. Some of its cards are:

· Skip

· Numbers

· Reverse

· Draw Four

· Wild

Sequence Game:

The Sequence is the new talk of the town. Everyone’s having game nights just to play this particular game with their friends. The sequence is fun to play and is also a brain exercise.


Who doesn’t love playing pretend and play games? Monopoly is a whole new vibe. Where you get the money in your own hands and enter into the world of buying and selling properties. It makes you feel rich… hahaha.


Isn’t chess interesting to watch? If you haven’t played chess then you’re surely missing out on something extremely fun and addictive. Chess not only takes you into another world but makes the mind sharp as well. Though learning chess is itself a skill, but once you know how to play, you’ll never regret investing your time in it.