Do you love taking photos? Is photography your favorite hobby? If you’re into taking photos of everything and have a unique eye to capture the beauty in everything. Then you should get started with some major objects to take photographs of. This will help you build up a strong portfolio and enhance your photography skills.

This is two-year-old Malki, her name means Queen in Yiddish. We were at the park playing with paint and bubbles and this shot was a remarkably lucky one since toddlers move so fast. This photo is important to me because it captures her innocence and reminds me how happy and carefree I was that day, hanging out with her.
Photo by Senjuti Kundu / Unsplash

Read ahead to know, which are the best things to capture in your camera roll?

Scenic Beauty:

Do you have a lake beside your house? If yes, then capture its beauty. Take photos of succulent flowers and lush green trees from every angle. The scenic photos will give weightage to your portfolio and make you a better photographer.

Old Buildings:

The old places are always unique. Everyone wants to witness the tall old buildings which once had a history. Not everyone can go and live through those moments. But through your photographs, you can always help your admirers to experience its uniqueness.


Children are beautiful. Their innocence is reflected through their eyes and you can easily capture that in your camera. The best moment to take photos is when they are on their own. Messy, self-centered, and just playing in their own zone. The most natural pictures come at that time.

Old People:

Aged people reflect beauty and history through their freckled eyes. The wrinkles on their faces show their purity. Trust me, whenever you see a photograph of an old man or woman, you feel relieved. You feel like living in that moment forever.