Changing a lifestyle from harmful to health is not as difficult as it sounds. To start playing sports, you do not need any special preparation, or an annual card to a sports club, or excess free time.

Jumping rope

If at school you hated jumping rope, this is not a reason to score on her at a conscious age. It fits into any bag and suitcase (even at work to warm up, at least take a vacation), and it seems that everyone knows how to jump on it since childhood. It is important that the jump rope strengthens not only the muscles of the legs and arms but also pumps endurance: it is not for nothing that boxers jump with it, talking or singing songs. Its ingenious simplicity, leaving no excuses, also captivates: to jump rope, you do not need to prepare for a long time or choose a shape – you just need to take it and do it.

Yoga block

The minimalistic and at first glance of little use yoga brick is actually in no way inferior in importance to the rug and is useful to everyone who is just starting to practice yoga. The accessory will help you to correctly distribute the load when performing complex asanas, which are difficult due to inexperience. Yoga blocks are most commonly used to provide additional support and support and for stretching exercises. Another option is to choose not foam, lightweight yoga bricks, but those that are heavier, such as wood, and use them as lightweight dumbbells.


A large rubber ball is part of a basic gym kit, and for good reason. There are countless exercises with it, and most importantly, it is recommended for those to whom physical activity is shown with caution: the elderly, everyone who suffers from problems with the musculoskeletal system or knee joints. Exercising reclining or sitting on a spring ball relieves the load on the spine, so it is also suitable for pregnant women. Actually, it was doctors who invented fitball in the middle of the last century for the rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy. The peculiarity of the ball is that, while exercising on it, you have to make separate efforts to maintain balance, so more muscles will be involved in the process than you think.

Mini trampoline

Gymnastic exercises on a trampoline quickly became fashionable a couple of years ago: it turned out that funny jumps can not only make you laugh, but also pump your whole body. At the same time, you can learn how to do spectacular triple somersaults and even get ready for snowboarding or kite season: there are trampoline exercises that are performed with the board fastened. However, all this applies to large professional trampolines, for which you need to go to the gym. Mini trampolines can cope with the task of transferring a pleasant and unusual sports activity to home conditions: yes, most of the exercises will be adapted to their meter sizes, but the principle remains the same. Besides, there are folding trampolines that can be stowed under the bed (most importantly, not forever).


Dumbbells are one of the most ancient and seemingly prosaic shells. On the other hand, think, if they have not gone out of the everyday life of athletes since the days of Ancient Greece, then there really is used in them. It’s no secret that our hands often dangle around and the muscles are less involved than in the same legs, so it won’t hurt anyone to pump them and acquire a beautiful relief. You can start with lightweight weights (from a pound), and then it all depends on your capabilities and desires. Dumbbells are now most often doused with neoprene, which will prevent them from slipping in sweaty palms and at the same time will allow them to match the color of their sweatpants (if this is important to someone).


The word “expander” brings to mind the memories of the ascetic and brutal Soviet expander with metal springs, with all its appearance communicating that sport is not a joy, but hard work. Fortunately, times have changed, and so have resistance bands. Most often they are used in fitness to increase the load, and they can partly replace weights and dumbbells: swinging legs and arms with them will become a couple of times more intense. Besides, there are a lot of variations for different types of activities, from those where you need to stretch the expander with effort, repeating the exercise over and over again, to Pilates and yoga, where a stretched expander will give an additional reward in a static position.

Leg weights

The weights on the legs work in exactly the same way as on the arms – except that you cannot take dumbbells instead. But you can use them in almost any exercise if you have already mastered it sufficiently and you need a larger load. For example, one of the most popular exercises is leg swings, which pump both calves and the outer and inner thighs. If you can do 100 short leg pulsations without batting an eye, it’s time to add some weight to them. As with hand weights, it ranges from 0.5 to 5 kg.