When you want to take up something completely new for you, there is definitely some reasonable explanation for it. Sometimes you have a lack of emotions, want to experience new feelings, want to know yourself better, or simply want to relieve stress. I know that feeling of constant stress that nurtures a little monster inside you that wants to ruin everything.

Boxing is a kind of sport that can definitely compensate for your unsatisfied emotional needs. It’s one of the most popular sports that perfectly improves self-confidence and self-awareness, makes depression and anxiety disappear, and raises your self-esteem.

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Yeh, it’s pretty obvious that boxing is highly beneficial from the physical side. It gives you high-intense cardio-vascular training and keeps your upper body and arms toned. As you are always on the move, you burn really A LOT of calories (800 calories in an hour!) and fat. Therefore, your muscles become more toned as well — the repetitive actions do a great thing!

If you decided to take up boxing, you have to take into account one more thing such as nutrition. This hobby is a quite energetically demanding activity. Hence, the right nutrition is essential to take full advantage of the skills you’ll develop. Don’t worry, your trainer will help you with this task as well as with a workout plan and technical nuances. Yet you have to keep in mind that eating more calories than you burn leads to weight gain and muscle growth. And the opposite to weight loss.

As a beginner, you still have to get special equipment:

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  • of course, bag gloves to help you box with speed;
  • hand wraps to protect your hand and support the wrist;
  • anklets to support your ankles and protect them from rolling.

Someone once said that boxing feels like playing chess in the swimming pool while the sharks are attacking you. It’s super difficult to concentrate, and there is not enough air to breathe. Yet it’s engaging and you desire to win. Funny comparison, but genuine.

Plus, it’s important to check whether your trainer has adequate insurance and enough experience to teach the beginners. You have to remember that boxing is also a dangerous kind of sport where you can easily break some of your bones, just ask your opponent to hit you harder. And don’t forget to pay attention to HOW your trainer guides you in terms of nutrition, workout plan, needed equipment, and proper techniques.