Everybody has some issues. It’s a very loud statement yet truthful. Everybody has some kind of emotions they can’t or don’t want to express. Everybody lives with unsaid words that disturb them in obvious and not ways. Why am I saying it right now? Because I desire to introduce to you art therapy — a way out to help you reach the balance in everything.

Credits to https://unsplash.com/

Art therapy (or expressive therapy) is known as a therapy that helps people to express themselves and, therefore, explore their thoughts and emotions. It’s often used to treat different mental disorders, learning difficulties, dementia, the autistic spectrum, in the justice system, and for those people who have problems expressing their feelings.

But art therapy is not only for those with mental problems. It can become your favorite hobby because as I said before, everybody has some issues and everybody deals with their inner demons.

You can work with a professional therapist who is trained to explain the person’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings through their paintings, colors, and texture they use. Expressive therapy has a goal to engage a person’s body and mind without mentioning verbal articulation. To try it, you can use paints, chalks, and markers and draw your emotions on the paper. You are free to paint anything — stress paintings, different lines, thoughts transformed into objects, etc. You are empowered to transform your perception of whatever challenges and disturbs you.

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Painting is one of many art therapy outlets that is characterized by its limitless and freedom of choice. In case you are not sure about your creative side and don’t know what picture to paint, ask your therapist for help. You may close your eyes and reflect all your feelings on the paper through lines and graphs. Let this feeling go out, and free yourself.

Don’t feel that painting is your magic skill? Cutting and sticking pictures also is a perfect way of exploring your creative side and expressing yourself. It’s something like making a visual board of your dreams. Not the same, but similar.

Credits to https://unsplash.com/

Thanks to technologies, art therapy may be done by taking a pic. Why not? This great outlet requires only your mobile phone and your desire. You can combine the previous art therapy (cutting and sticking) with it: take a photo of something you admire, print it, and stick to your dream board. Do anything you want. The keyword in art therapy is DO. Switch on your imagination and let yourself feel yourself!