As far as hobbies go, writing is one of the most engaging and delightful things a person can do. But make no mistake, just like with all things that demand a touch of creativity, writing can become just as frustrating as getting out for a run on a cold misty morning in November. You would give anything to stay in the warm bed for another 15 minutes of sleep, but some unknown force is making you get up, put on your clothes, and go out into the damp coldness. And for some reason, it’s all worth it in the end. Sounds familiar?

Well, even if we don’t compare writing with sports, there are quite a few obstacles that you will meet on your way to becoming a better writer (or just any writer for that matter). Writing is a very exciting hobby, but it can also be discouraging as people may not always like what you write or even read it to form an opinion. So most of the time we end up writing just for joy and if you feel that you’re okay with that, then writing might be your cup of  tea after all.

Writing in a journal
Photo by Cathryn Lavery / Unsplash

What to Write?

If you are still new to writing and don’t know whether you want to write an ebook, start your own blog, or to simply create beautiful posts on your social media accounts, here are a few ideas for you:

Poetry. It’s an amazing form of writing that is both emotionally driven and very metaphorical. It demands not only creativity, but also a certain feeling of rhythm and musicality that you can develop by reading the poets you love the most.

Short Stories. You don’t have to start writing a huge novel just to get a feeling of what it’s like to be a writer. Start with short stories, but don’t forget that they are called ‘stories’ for a reason and there’s a certain structure you need to follow.

Blogs. Most people write blogs on a daily basis without even realizing it. You choose a topic and then write your opinion on it in a freestyle manner. You could say that this type of writing is close to an essay, but more relaxed and engaging.

Novels. Novels are an amazing canvas for experienced writers to create whole worlds filled with characters and different plotlines. You can regard it as a complex story filled with many short stories that intertwine together, creating a beautiful interconnectedness of events, characters, and their whole lives.

Ebook. Ebooks are somewhere between essays and research papers. Usually, they have a more engaging and easy-going tone, but present an in-depth research on some topic that would be interesting for the readers. Writing an ebook is a great way to explore a subject you’re interested in, all the while creating a product that may be useful for other people as well.