We all love having hobbies, after all, that's how we unwind, have fun, and feel that we're actually living and not just moving around between our jobs and various chores. Some hobbies we enjoy just for the fun of it, while others make our lifestyle significantly better. For example, there are hobbies that can actually make you smarter! Here's a list that might get you inspired to start a new hobby ASAP.


Not only our bodies need stretching and relaxation, but out minds as well. That's where mediation comes in! Starting your day with a simple breathing meditation helps you spend it in a calm and relaxed manner, while meditating before going to bed helps you unwind after the day, leaving all the worries behind.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language uses your brain to the fullest! Memorizing, talking, writing, or recreating some unusual hieroglyphs - all these activities keep our brains healthy and our minds sharp as a knife. You also learn communicate with other people and learn to express yourself in a new way which is always a fun and challenging thing to do.

Read As Much as You Can

Reading is a great way to unhinge after a long day at work or simply to spend a few free hours with a cup of hot tea of coffee. It improves our memory and increases our emotional intelligence, all the while keeping our minds stress-free (although, that does depend on what exactly you prefer to read).

Exercise Your Brain

What do you think all those fun and quirky games are for? Whether you prefer using a smartphone or a laptop, there's a wide variety of mind games you can enjoy - from puzzles to word games and solving  various riddles. It's the easiest and most delightful way to keep your mind sharp and thoroughly entertained.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

It's not a coincidence Sherlock Holmes liked to play the violin because playing various musical instruments greatly improves our cognitive functions, especially if you're learning from scratch. It's a great way to develop a new hobby and up your brain game while you're at it!