Nowadays, many people have mobile phones with good quality cameras. However, despite technological advances, there are still limitations that we have to know when shooting photos with our devices.

It is for this reason that we want to give you some simple tips on how you can use your camera and get the best possible photos. Let's get started!

Use natural light whenever possible

Photography is possible thanks to the light, which is why it is one of the factors that most conditions the result when taking a photo. In this sense, one of the weakest points of the cameras is that they do not perform well in places with low light. It's best to work in natural light whenever possible, even if you're not outside.

Consider the composition of the image

Composition is another key aspect of a good photo. Most mobile phones have the option to add a grid on the camera that allows you to adjust the image. A tilted horizon can spoil a beautiful photo, so having a guide is important.

Use symmetry as a resource

If the scene we are going to photograph is appropriate, symmetries always give very good results. But yes, you have to make sure that it is balanced since otherwise, the photo can be uncomfortable to see and enjoy.

Take advantage of perspective

The frontal planes are fine, but in many cases they are boring. Playing with perspective is a very interesting resource to explore when taking photos with a mobile phone, as they create visual paths within the composition itself and give a sense of depth.

Move on

If we analyze all the photos we take with the mobile, surely the vast majority are shot while standing with the mobile at eye level. But if we always shoot the photos from the same point of view, it will be difficult to achieve different results.

Something as simple as crouching low to the ground can transform a fairly classic photo into a more interesting shot.