We've all had that experience when we've been scrolling through YouTube or Instagram for hours without feeling happy or delighted in any way. When you're exhausted or feeling a little bit down it's always good to enjoy some real life activities that will get your into a different mood. We promise you, social media simply isn't meant for that! Unless you're writing your bestie using one of the chats, of course, that kind of counts. Here are a few easy but fun hobbies you can start right now.

Play the Ukulele

Out of all the instruments ukulele is the easiest to learn and it has a wide range of music you can play on it. It's just like guitar - but you can learn to play it twice as fast and start singing along with it literally the same day you pick it up. Give it a try and you won't regret it!

Diamond Dots

If you're a fan of getting craftsy with your hands - here's a unique hobby for you. It's kind of like paint by the number, but much less stressful because you get to use glitzy sequence and simply glue it to the corresponding colour on the picture pattern. It's easy and you get to have a piece of beautiful art in the end!

Fuji Instax
Photo by Hello I'm Nik / Unsplash

Instant Camera

For all those of you who are tired of digital photography and pictures that always stay on Instagram or get buried deep inside you phone, here's a great solution - instant camera! Yes, the one that prints out photos as you take them. It's a fun thing to try with your friends or while travelling and you don't need to print out your photos afterwards because you can have them on your hands right after you take them.


Baking may not be for everyone, but just imagine the amount of  yummy (and healthy!) treats you could make yourself. If you're on a path to a healthy lifestyle, baking your own treats, snacks, sweets, and other dishes is a perfect way to diversify your menu and become a better cook while you're at it. And it's fun!

Go to YouTube

Everyone is on YouTube these days, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it either! It's a fun way to talk about the things you're passionate about, connect to other people, and maybe even make a living out of it if people like what you're doing.