Is there anything better than spending an afternoon with a nice entertaining book and a cup of hot cocoa? You might as well do this in the evening and change the cocoa for some comforting tea. Well, reading is such a great pastime that you can do it anywhere, anytime, with snacks, hot drinks or nice cooling lemonades. No matter what season it is, reading always brings comfort and helps you educate yourself or simply relax after a day at work. But what about your growing book collection?

If you are an avid reader and have been like that for some time then you probably have quite a collection of books at your home. Whether it’s just a small bookshelf or a huge one that goes all the way up to the ceiling, you can organize your books in a special manner that will make them look truly beautiful. You can change up your bookshelf in numerous ways: arrange them by colour, create waves with smaller and bigger books, or simply group them according to their subject. But whatever way you choose – you can be as creative as you want with your books!

The Rainbow Effect

One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to organize your bookshelf is by creating a rainbow effect. Well, it might sound easy and it’s a very fun thing to do, but be prepared to spend a few hours grouping your book spines by different colours and then arranging them into one big beautiful rainbow. But it will look stunning in the end!

The Hanging Books

If you want to make your workspace look truly special then here’s a great idea – how about hanging a few of your books over the table? To create this unusual bookshelf you’ll need a clothing rack and a few ribbons for the books you want to hang. This design may look simple, but you might need some help with executing it properly.

The Forest Bookshelf

If you really love nature and would like to spend your afternoons reading under the tree, then this beautiful wooden bookshelf design is right up your alley. You can either look for this design on the market, but chances are you’ll have to make it yourself. It’s a perfect DIY project that will create a cosy atmosphere inside your room or reading area.

Group by Colour

Rainbow isn’t the only way to organize your books using colours. The only rule here is using your personal sense of beauty and harmony. Some colours work alone better and you might like to surround them with some neutral whites and blacks. It’s all about creating a perfect harmony of your whole bookshelf space, using colourful splashes of books here and there. You can be as creative as you want using this method!

Use Whatever Space You Can

Sometimes we simply don’t have enough space for our books. If the bookshelf of your dream is still in the making or you want to use your books as a decoration, then go ahead and use any space inside your home. Just make sure that it’s not damp so your book decoration remains intact!