In general, Zumba is an aerobic dance program. You can, of course, go through it in a fitness center with an instructor, but this, firstly, requires time, most of which will be spent on getting to the desired gym, and secondly, not everyone likes to study in a group … Zumba games eliminate the essentials and essentials and allow you to play to your heart’s content in a pleasant stop. There are a few games in the arrangement with somewhat various arrangements of activities, and it appears to be that you can pick anyone – if the idea itself is as you would prefer.

PRICE: from $ 30

REQUIRED: except for console, PlayStation® Move Motion Controller or Wii, Xbox 360 with Kinect sensor

Ingress for ANDROID

Ingress is a really thoughtful, beautiful, and, in a good way, the nerdy game that, in addition to its main function (entertainment), offers many more good things (for example, socialization). There are two opposing groups: the Enlightened and the Resistant, both want to take control of as many objects in the real world as possible, which the game gives the status of portals. The last should be won back, and this should be possible exclusively by helping out somebody from your group. The instrument is as per the following: dispatch the application, look at the guide of the territory for entries, go to somebody, and snatch it. The more you play, the more articles you need to survive, and for this, you should walk more – the detachment from the portal to the door can’t be assessed in numerous advances. Hence, the number of stories like “lost 5 kg on Ingress” fulfills, notwithstanding, doesn’t stun any longer.

PRICE: is free

REQUIRED: smartphone based on Android platform

Just Dance

Just Dance is similar to Zumba, but not quite. This is also a dance game, but it does not apply to fitness – it just gives you the opportunity to move more and more with pleasure. This game permits you to move the way in which you need it, and at the same time – learn improvements, plastics, and such stuff. The game was commended by players and that is now very impostant.

PRICE: free

REQUIRED: just your phone or a Nintendo Switch

WarioWare: Gold for WII

WarioWare is a mix of crazy micro games lasting about 5 seconds each. The game is marketed as multiplayer, but to unlock this feature, you will need to go through many levels alone – which is a plus, because all games are terribly fun. Holding the controller in your hand, you need to hold the stick vertically in the palm of your hand, fence or collect a bin of natural product with an elephant’s trunk (undoubtedly, you can deal with it), and do much more simpleton, anyway entertaining things. A segment of the tasks is truly tranquil, yet until you get to the supervisor stage – you need to move there.

PRICE: from $ 10

REQUIRED: besides the console, the Wii Remote controller


Zombies, Run! offers to feel fit for halting the zombie end times and, as different missions are finished, forms a somewhat engaging game plot. The standard, similar to every single cool thing, is basic: while running, at specific spans, rather than your playlist, will you hear – shouts? sounds? – zombies pursuing you, and the best way to get away from them is to run quicker than previously (starting pace, coincidentally, doesn’t make a difference). With this methodology, the despised stretch preparing turns into somewhat less unendurable. Some users complain that the app does not work like a pedometer, but there is one detail – it is not for this.

PRICE: from $ 4

REQUIRED: an iPhone