We all know that doing some physical activity is essential to have a healthy life and avoid many diseases. In this sense, although there are many sports that you can practice, none of them offer you as good benefits as swimming.

Swimming is a fun activity, suitable for any type of person, in addition to representing one of the most complete sports you can find. It is for this reason that we want to tell you some of the reasons why you should start swimming as your new hobby.

1. You can improve your flexibility and mobility

Swimming is an aerobic sport that uses two-thirds of the body's muscles. This means that with just a few hours of swimming each week, you can gain more strength and endurance in most of your body. On the other hand, when you exercise in the water, your joints receive less impact and will be much more flexible.

2. Develop your coordination and memory

To swim correctly it is necessary to perform a series of coordinated movements with different body parts. So when you learn to swim, your brain creates new neural connections that improve your coordination in and out of the water. You will also develop concentration skills that will improve your short and long-term memory.


3. Improve your circulatory system and your respiratory system

When we swim, the body remains in a horizontal position most of the time. This position facilitates blood circulation and reduces pressure on the heart. Another benefit of swimming is that it strengthens your respiratory system, because, to perform this sport, it is necessary to learn how to breathe correctly and how to optimize the use of air within your lungs.

4. Swimming is fun!

No one can deny that being in the water and swimming is an incredible activity. It doesn't matter if you swim in the sea or in a pool, this sport allows you to release the stress of your daily activities. Studies reveal that swimming a few hours a week helps you produce hormones related to happiness, such as endorphins or dopamine.