Every time we want to start a new activity in our life, we have to face an ugly truth: creating and maintaining a habit is very difficult. It doesn't matter if you want to learn a new skill, a new language, or just want to have fun with a new hobby, creating habits takes persistence and discipline.

In this sense, we want to explain four easy steps you can follow to start a new habit in your life and maintain it for much longer. Let's get started!

Step one: set specific goals

When we want to start a new activity, we usually tend to do everything at once. This is a mistake that leads us to resign from this activity in a short time. The ideal is to start our new habits progressively and be very specific with the goals we want to achieve.

Step two: create a plan

It is proven that our brain always tends to return to its old habits. For this reason, it is always difficult to start a new one and be successful. To combat this, the best we can do is plan our activities. When we make a plan, we force ourselves to stick to a schedule and avoid excuses that keep us inactive.


Step three: have fun

If the activity you want to do is entertaining, you are more likely to do it for longer. Regardless of the habit you want to create, when you mix any action with positive emotions, you can enjoy what you do and your brain will better assimilate this new activity.

Step four: celebrate your achievements

Motivation is key to maintaining any habit. Every time you meet a new goal, you can give yourself a reward that will keep you motivated to continue. Remember that the only way to create a new habit is to repeat it as many times as necessary until it becomes an automatic action. For this, you need motivation, perseverance, and willpower.