Keeping your child busy in summer is a hell of a task! Do they instantly get bored? And you wonder, what next to keep them occupied with? If yes, then your problem has been solved. This is because children love experimenting with new stuff, they easily get bored with stuff because they are always in a hurry to perform more exciting activities.

Being confined for the summer in a remote cottage, all that's left to do is drawing, crafting, an dpainting rocks.
Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash

Have you ever thought of getting your curious kid into any summer camp? But choosing the right activity, your child would thoroughly enjoy is difficult to decide. Don’t worry, I have some fun activities in a summer camp to choose from.

Drawing & Painting:

Every child loves to take out their imaginations on a canvas or paper. The idea of colorful paints gives satisfaction to their energetic minds. They want to explore more by mixing different colors and then filling them in their favorite shapes or cartoon characters. It also makes children creative and innovative.

So find a summer camp that has fun painting activities to offer!


Every child is unique. But I bet that each one of them wants to enter the kitchen and let their wild imaginations out on a plate. They beg their mums to let them help in the cooking, but just the thought of the aftermath scares a mum. So she rejects the help. If your child curiously wants to help you in the kitchen, then get them enrolled in cooking summer camp. Trust me, they love it and blow your mind away with their amazing creations on a plate!


All the mums having water lovers in the house! This is your call. Summers are the best time to teach your child swimming, it is literally a life skill. So hurry up and get your child enrolled in any swimming summer camp. Swimming on their own in a deep pool gives a child a sense of confidence and independency.