You could be a mom who has to juggle handling a newborn or have multiple children and is managing separate routines. You could be a bachelor who just wants to stop eating out and spending money. You could be a working woman who has to take care of the house and cook along with her 9 to 5 job. No one wants to spend hours and hours in the kitchen chopping vegetables and waiting for rice to boil or chicken to get tender. Cooking can get exhausting when you have so many steps that seem to take so much time.
The good news is that there are several useful and efficient kitchen gadgets available in the market that can cut down your cooking time in half.

Here we share 3 gadgets that are a must-have for your kitchen:

Instant Pot

An instant pot is an electric pressure cooker that can be used to cook a variety of food such as chicken, beef, soup, and rice. Some even bake cakes. It is an investment but definitely worth the money. Using an Instant pot speeds up your cooking time and you can walk away without the fear of your food burning. There are many different options of instant pots available in the market depending on the size and cooking options in the device.


The worst step in cooking, especially when you’re making curries, is chopping onions and tomatoes. Buying chopped tomatoes in tins at the grocery store is an option but not the healthiest one. A chopper comes in handy when you want to avoid crying due to chopping onions, have lots of vegetables to cut, or just need your vegetables to be cut very small and fine.

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Garlic press

Try replacing store-bought garlic or pre-made garlic paste with freshly crushed garlic and see the difference in your meals. A garlic press not only helps you crush garlic easily and quickly but it saves your hands from that awful garlic smell. All you need to do is peel garlic cloves and add them onto the garlic press device and squeeze. Voila! Fresh garlic to amp up any meal. You can even use a garlic press to take out juice from lemons.