Are all your friends partying on Saturday nights and you just don’t feel like going out? Do you only want to have one-on-one time with yourself on late weekend nights? If yes, then you can try some easy and fun hobbies, these fun activities will calm down your nerves and make you feel better. So the next day when you go to work or school, you’ll feel relieved and energetic. As if you’ve just come back from a long fun vacay from Hawaii.

Photo by Becca Tapert / Unsplash

Sketch or Paint Your Heart Out:

Whatever’s been disturbing you or taking up a lot of space in the mind. Paint it out. Grab a paintbrush, some paints, and a canvas and go wild. Or else if you’re not a paint person, grab a pencil and start sketching. Freeing up space from the mind and heart through art is a proven way of relaxing. Plus, you can always play your favorite song in the background.

Dance Till You Drop:

Who needs to go to a party with a bunch of people when your very own gang lives within yourself? You are your own best friend. So turn on the music and start vibing with it. Dance crazy, until your feet hurt. Trust me, you’ll feel as if a burden has been taken off your shoulders.

Conquer The Kitchen:

Think of a dish, and go for groceries. Make your dream dish, and have a fun dinner all by yourself. Cooking releases stress and makes you feel satisfied. Though, you might need to worry about the mess you’re gonna make. But who cares, if you feel happy.