If you have a toddler you know they can be a handful. Toddlers seem to get bored very quickly and it can get frustrating thinking of ways to keep them busy. A lot of times parents get tired and give their little ones an increased amount of screen time which is not beneficial.

Here are 3 fun activities you can do with your toddlers to keep them busy:

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts can be done both indoors and outdoors and are always fun. All you need is different kinds of stationery such as paints, stickers or stamping pens. Make sure all the items are child friendly or you can supervise. It’s also a fun family activity where all members of the family can participate and have fun creating their own crafts. You can store or frame your child’s completed masterpieces for memories.

Sensory Bins

They look complicated but sensory bins are actually very easy to put together. It’s not necessary to buy expensive things to put in sensory bins. You can use things and grocery items lying around the house such as a bag of lentils, rice and food dye. Just take a big tray, lay down sand, grains or water inside and add in different sensory items such as soft beads, pom poms, slime or play dough. You can add little toys like toy animals inside and let your toddler explore and find them.

Photo by LMoonlight/Pixabay.com


Toddlers have a lot of energy that can be utilized in a fun way. It’s always a good idea to let them play outdoors or go to the park but if you are looking for a change try putting on music and dancing with your toddler. It’s also a good way to exercise and burn calories. Young children learn new things, like sounds, words, actions and patterns through music. It is also a good way to improve their memory.